EPSTONE, specialist of stone wall panels

Stone wall panels

Cutting and installation of natural stone wall panels in Nice or even Antibes

Our team of professionals operates in the Maritime Alps and in the Var to install paving and slabs, but also to install stone wall panels. We also work on both new construction and renovation projects, adapting to any structures. Add charm to your interior and exterior with stone cladding! We dress up your existing wall with quality, 100% natural stones. We have mastered the installation techniques with great professionalism, according to your tastes.

Very accessible and attentive: Our installers offer personalised advice adapted to your desires and needs.

Please contact us for more information on stone cladding or schedule an appointment. Estimate? This service is free of charge.


Installation of stone wall panels to cover your walls in the Maritime Alps

Installation is our job!

Our company, Epstone, makes available to you its services and experience in the field of stones. We can decorate your interior walls and facade according to your desires. We also make stone walls to delimit your outdoor spaces.

We offer a wide range of excellent quality stones, in order to respond to each request. Our stones are available in several natural shades: light beige, dark beige, yellow, orange beige, light brown, grey, red beige, etc.

We offer 2 types of installations that we are fully proficient in: dry fit joints and mortar joints.

Transform your home with stone cladding

Do you want to add value to your home? Exterior and interior stone cladding allows you to dress up your walls whilst creating a modern and timeless decor. In addition, we perform the installation in an artisanal manner, offering a unique tailor-made experience according to your tastes!

Le petit plus: No maintenance required. The cladding is embellished with the passing of time!